Phrasal Verbs; ask after, back down, chop down to size, act on, jazz up

Phrasal verb

ask after = ഒരാളുടെ വിശേഷം അന്വേഷിക്കുക 

inquire about the health or well-being of someone.

"if I see him I'll tell him you were asking after him"

I got a call from Mustafa and he asked after you.

I said you were fine and doing well in your new job.

Whenever I meet Mr Gafoor he asks after your mother and I tell him she is fine

Back down

The strikers refused to back down on their demands.

The government wouldn't back down on its decision despite strong protest

Chop up

Could you shop up some vegetables and put them in the soup

She is chopping up meat

Chop down to size

Chop down to size, cut down to size

That guy always dominates the class discussion with his rambling, inane thoughts like he's some genius." B: "I know! It's time to cut him down to size."

That guy is always dominating the party with his brute power. It's time to cut him down to size."

Act on

You should act on your teachers advice

Jazz up

Let's jazz up the office, we could paint the walls a bright colour and put up some nice pictures.

Spruce up, do up = decorate

Spruce it up

Do it up

Jazz it up

You will have to account for all the penny you spent.

Bank on

Do you think Sunil is a leader people can bank on?

Get away


"Alibaba was caught, but the rest of the team got away"

We walked to the next beach to get away from the crowds.

Politics has become a place where you can do anything and get away with it

Rich and power people can do anything and get away with it

They can walk free

Go  scot free=go unpunished

The program turned out to be a great experience

turn out=become, looks like

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Serendipitous discovery/encounter



Learn to pronounce


occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

"a serendipitous encounter"

Reading should be an adventure, a personal experience full of serendipitous surprises.

A team of researchers has made a serendipitous discovery that could help in the struggle to cure obesity.

Serendipitous encounters and experiences have provided me with some good material.

He had always wanted to return home to start a company, and the move proved serendipitous.

About half of all great discoveries are purely serendipitous.