Diploma in Business Arabic & Translation-6 Months-Placement Assistance in UAE

Diploma in Business Arabic & Translation-6 Months

Certificate Course in Business Arabic & Translation-3 Months

What are included in Gulf Job Training Course?

⭕ Letters, Agreements, Quotations, Complaints, Business documents, NOCs, Court orders, CV, News, Ads used in various ministries of Gulf countries

⭕ Demonstrating and explaining different matters through the projector, you will get an opportunity to practice the translation and evaluate it.

⭕ Furthermore, the course includes Spoken English, Spoken Arabic and Arabic English Typing.

Class time?

Five days a week at Manjeri Centre. Monday through Friday. Modern Arabic and Translation class from 9am to 11:20 am. Spoken English from 11:30am to 1 pm.

Arabic English Typing Practice (Morning, Noon and Evening)

⭕ Special English class from 2 pm to 3:30 pm for those who need basic study in English.

Course Duration: Two, Three and Six months duration can be chosen. The duration depends on your current Arabic and English language level. But if you study for at least three months, you can acquire the essential skills.

Course Fee: Three months fee for Gulf Package which includes all above: Rs.16,000.

Six months fee: 32,000

Can I study gulf package course online?

⭕ Yes, all classes are offered online.

⭕ If you are an online student, you need Laptop/Desktop to learn Arabic English Typing. We will provide the software. At the end of the course period, the examination will be conducted and certificate will be issued.

Is it possible to study only one or two of the above subjects?

⭕ Yes. only translation or only typing…..can be learned.

Can you help me get a job after my study?

Definitely we will help. We have five Translation & Typing Service centres in UAE. We also have Alumni in UAE and Qatar who help new graduates find job.

Internship: After completion of the course, there is facility for those who want to get internship in our Dubai and Ajman offices. Fees apply.

Is the certificate government approved?

⭕  No. It is a private certificate issued by Explore International. Since this is a skill based professional course, practical skill mentioned in the syllabus is important.

⭕ Many people who have studied in our institution are working in different Gulf countries with this certificate.

Is there hostel facility?

⭕ Yes, bed space is available at a monthly rent of Rs.1500. A nearby restaurant provides mess facilities. Accommodation is within walking distance from the Institution.

Is it possible to stay for two weeks or less and learn Arabic English typing only?

⭕ Yes, you can learn typing by staying for just a few days.

⭕ Is it possible to study gulf package course by staying in hostel for one month and online for remaining months?

⭕ Yes, possible.

I am a beginner in Arabic / English. Can I join this course?

⭕ Yes, for those who need basic coaching in Arabic / English, there is a system here.

Can I attend a free one day demo class to see if I can learn this course?

⭕ Yes, you can attend one day demo class on any day from Monday to Thursday.

Are girls able to study?

⭕ Yes, girls are studying here.

Is there hostel facility for girls?

⭕ Yes, a safe hostel for girls is available at a monthly rent of Rs.5500.

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