Emotional expressions in English


I haven't been this happy in a long time

I couldn't have asked more

I was on cloud 9

I was delighted

I was in euphoria

I can't put in words how much happy I was

I was thrilled, overjoyed

My happiness knows no bounds


I was completely pissed off

I couldn't control my anger

I was really annoyed

I was boiling like anything

I said that in a fit of anger

I was outraged, enraged

I was miffed, irritated

I was upset

I got pissed off because of all the crap(nonsense) I hear from other people

P C George was pissed off when he was defeated in the election

People are pissed off with politicians

He walked out in a huff=he left the place angrily

Get miffed

To become angry, agitated, or irritated.

John always gets miffed over the traffic on his way to work.

Don't get miffed with me, I was trying to be helpful!

I got so miffed when I found out I was being misunderstood that I threw my plate across the room.


dissatisfied, discontented, aggrieved, resentful, fed up, displeased, disgruntled, unhappy, disappointed, disaffected, malcontent

angry, irate, annoyed, cross, exasperated, indignant, vexed, irritated, piqued, irked, put out, out of temper

sulky, sullen, petulant, peevish, grumpy, churlish, testy

informal: peeved, miffed, aggravated, hacked off, riled, peed off, hot under the collar, in a huff

British informal: cheesed off, browned off, narked, eggy

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