Rain related Vocabulary

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Rain related Vocabulary

Now the rain has subsided

Unremitting rain

Torrential rain, heavy downpour.

It is pouring down, it is raining heavily

It is raining pups and kittens=mild rain


Isolated rain

Brimming river

Brimming with confidence=highly confident

When he was delivering his speech, he was bursting with ideas and bubbling with energy.

Wall to wall smile, wall to wall coverage

The entire place is flooded.

The entire paddy field is submerged.

The whole place is inundated ജലപ്രളയം and marooned നാലുവശവും വെള്ളം പൊങ്ങി ഒറ്റപ്പെട്ടുപോയ (isolated).

It will wash away

water logged, clogged

It is raining incessantly ഇടവിടാതെ

Some people feel the rain, some others just get wet

No let up

When the rain lets up we will go for a walk

The rain is letting up

Rain with thunderstorm

All the water bodies are full and brimming

Hell is empty and all the devils are here

GRASS Idioms

He is as fresh as grass

Did you hear that Saleem's best friend stole money from his bank account? What a snake in the grass!

We have tens and thousands of grass widows in Kerala.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

I overslept. Nobody woke me up

As I overslept, I couldn't make it there

I slept longer than I should have

My alarm didn't go off

I just lost the track of time

I didn't notice what time it was

I have to wait ages for a bus

The buses were few and far between

The traffic was horrible and terrible

I lost my way coming here

I got stuck in a traffic jam for half an hour

I got stuck in a heavy rain for more than half an hour

I got held up in a meeting

I couldn't get out of the meeting

I got tied up in a meeting

I got pre-occupied in a meeting

I couldn't make myself available for the meeting

I couldn't make it there (reach there)

It was raining like anything

Traffic was moving at a snake ache / snail mail

I couldn't find a parking lot/space/space

On the top of........

The road was broken with full of potholes....large stretch of road was completely unmotorable

I don't know how I got the hell out of there

I searched here, there and everywhere to find you, but no avail...I moved heaven and earth

Ramadan is at its fag-end

Emotional expressions in English

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